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An excerpt from the portfolio

Unfortunately, a few are missing, but feel free to ask about the experience with your specific industry.

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I have created various marketing and / or websites and SEO for the following companies:

New website, SEO, translations, and advertising Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google ads and Bing ads

Joinery got growing pains - so did the digital needs.

The company needed a streamlined branding and execution strategy so that all digital channels could play together and create a consistent, personal and professional expression.

I have built everything visually and strategically from scratch on all their channels.

Brand new B2B website.

Website upgrade and simplification

At home should serve as a simple but inviting and professional business card.

There was a focus on brand colors and fonts, as well as light contact forms.

SEO optimized website, designed from scratch

Local landowners association was affected by viruses and old design in systems no one could handle

Bakkegårs Allé in Langeskov got a new website after the existing one was affected by viruses and spam.

Everything was designed from scratch and written from scratch, based on the wishes and criteria that the association had. Green and the natural became the theme thread, but easy opportunity to send a message to the board, and quickly be able to find a plot or a house for sale on the road.

Complete construction of new website

The robot company which got a new look

One of Denmark's oldest and most recognized robot companies got a total rebranding of their website with everything built from scratch. It was originally built in Joomla, and lacked a lot of features and personality. It got it via WordPress with Divi as the theme.

All included with tracking, SEO, design, CTA, image editing and more.

The website was split between the two main customer types that the company deals with.


Technical help

They needed help with bug fixes and speed optimization

The company had header errors, layout problems and their product configurator. I used their own choice of pagebuilder (Elementor) to fix the bugs while getting the website to load quickly.

The page loads approx. 8 times faster now, resulting in fewer sour customers, and more conversions.

I also helped with consulting their marketing strategy and execution which is currently with an external agency.



First, we talk goals

What are your goals and wishes for your website and SoMe strategy? What is the end goal?

Then we talk about target group

Who do we design for? Both websites and creatives for your social ads need to be at an angle, but for whom?

Continuous monitoring

We continuously follow the data flow from Google Analytics and the social platforms, so that together we can learn and improve.

Ongoing dialogue

I am always just an email or call away so we can easily correct, improve and change. Or start new ;-)

Engage your target audience and create results

In the "old days" people talked about "multichannel" marketing or even "omnichannel".

Today expect customers that all channels play together and that what they put in the basket on Instagram is included on Facebook and the web.

They also expect it to be YOU they watch on all channels. No stock photos or indifferent photos.

Social media has created our customer relationships as personal acquaintances that span across platforms.

"Social media has created a new standard for communication and customer relationships"

Rasmus Rosengreen

Founder -