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Can you get me on page 1 of Google?

Both and. Getting on page 1 of Google requires much more than just a nice, responsive and modern website.

In addition to the website, you need to be in control of SEO, internal and external links, fast loading times, have satisfied customers and a strong brand.

I can help you optimize your pages, but there are never any guarantees to give. In return, you get honesty and a good dialogue along the way.

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

It costs what you want to give. Facebook never stops accepting your money, so set yourself a goal. What do you want out of it? How many leads? How many buying customers?

Then we can make a plan and price to reach your goal.

A typical budget for smaller companies is usually 2-10,000 a month, but you can easily get good results for less or more as well.

How much does a brand new website cost?

What are your needs and goals for the website?

A typical website that I produce costs between 3-7,000 DKK.

Included in the price are always your brand colors and tones, modern responsive designs, and the typical landing pages that most people need.

In addition, we talk regularly about what your needs are and make a plan for it.

An estimate of your assignment is, of course, free.


Can I manage my Facebook / Web page myself?

Yes of course!

Your website and Facebook page are constantly evolving, as is your brand and your customers, so of course you should have complete freedom to manage your pages 100 % with everything you need for it.

I will of course help you if you need a hand.

How long does it take to create a brand new website?

Again, it always depends on how advanced your website should be.

Usually I can make most solutions within 1-2 weeks from the time we start the collaboration until you have a complete website.

How long does it take to create a Facebook campaign?

If you have a properly set up Facebook Pixel and know exactly what kind of campaign you want, text and images are ready and you have decided on a budget, it takes quite a few hours to set up.

If your Facebook page is brand new, your Pixel is missing and you need help with both texts, images and budgeting, it takes between 7-10 hours to set up.

You will of course receive a fixed offer before we start.

Where in the country can I get help from RRmarketing?

I (Rasmus) and RRmarketing are headquartered in Langeskov on Funen. Close to highway and city life.

But hey! We live in a digital world, so your car is in the workshop and the bike punctured, we just take a skype meeting or a video call.

Do you give coffee? Then I can come to you too.

Do you offer other services?

Of course! Google Ads (AdWords), SEO, brand strategies and logo design.

If I am not the right person for your task, I have a network of partners who can contribute to your solutions.

And I am always honest if I think the task is better for someone in the network who is an expert in the subject.

Not completely persuaded?

I provide both a cup of coffee, a new nice website and a delicious Facebook page. Just ask!

RRmarketing currently consists of only by one person, so whether you contact customer service, the finance department, the CEO or the brand manager, you always get the same treatment and service.
And no, you do not have to press either 2 or 7 when calling. It's easy!

Here is the text that convinces you:

Your specialist in marketing, social media and website design.

It is important to get all the ends together so that everything goes up in a higher unit. Your brand stands stronger with a modern website, a short and long term marketing strategy and execution across social media.

I ONLY work with SMEs

Because if you want to be good at something, it requires experience and insight. SMEs are not known for large budgets for websites and marketing, but it is also the companies that have the greatest effect on this.

It separates me from the neighbor

Close cooperation

I have few but therefore also important customer relationships, so I am always there to talk to.


I love making strategies, but a strategy is never better than the worst execution. I love being creative and pushing your brand!


I can not embark on thinking strategically. Who is the target group? What is the goal? How do we get there the fastest and cheapest?

Especially in small and medium-sized businesses

I only work with small and medium-sized companies, which is why I am 100% focused on your specific challenges.